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Tutorial Link Your Portal to the Nether Hub

[Image: QXs522Y.png]
Guide made by CheeseDoctor

[Image: Ajc5yJY.png]
You won’t be able to connect to the hub if your coordinates are within 128 blocks of (0,0) in any cardinal direction. In that case, use spawn’s portal to access the hub.

[Image: 6RjFDWM.png]
  • Once you make your portal, don’t go through it! If you already have, destroy the portal built in the nether before continuing
  • Examine the coordinates of your portal by pressing F3 (or your computer’s equivalent), walking into your portal, taking a screenshot, and walking back out.
    • [Image: zgKGC2V.png] 
    • Taking a screenshot prevents you from teleporting to the nether, which you don’t want because you have to destroy a portal and nether coordinates are different than overworld ones.
  • After that’s done, you should end up with a screenshot similar to this one: 
  • [Image: 29VejiO.png]

[Image: fy4UpY8.png]
  • Time for some basic math! The X and Z coordinates from your screenshot need to be divided by 8
    • [Image: eUidd6A.png] 
    • You need to divide the coordinates by 8 because eight blocks in the overworld are equal to one in the nether, which is why nether transport is so effective!

  • My overworld coordinates were (58, 226) so after dividing I got (7.25, 28.25) which rounds down to (7, 28) since none of the decimals are .5 or above. Then write these final coordinates down.

[Image: 3gRh8cv.png]
  • Find your way to the center of the nether hub by going through the spawn portal and heading towards (0,0)
  • Focus on the coordinate that is farthest away from (0,0), mine is (0, 28) since 28 is farther away from 0 than 7 is. After you’ve found that coordinate, use one of the premade cardinal direction tunnels to reach your farthest coordinate. If the tunnel ends, you’ll have to continue it yourself (but you can make a 1x2 tunnel instead of the full 2x4 area).
    • [Image: EHKZbM7.png] 
    • There are signs at each cardinal direction (north, east, south, west) tunnel that say what coordinates the tunnel will take you to. For instance, since I need to get to (0, 28), I’ll go into the south tunnel because it heads towards (0,100). 

  • I end up precisely on this block: 
  • [Image: PddFUdr.png]

[Image: MqOyZVR.png]
  • Now that I’m at (0, 28) I need to dig 7 blocks into the wall to get to (7, 28). F3 (or your computer’s equivalent) will show you if you’re pointing to a positive or negative x/z (look for it under the Chunk Numbers section and above the Biome section).
  • When you’re done, you should be able to stand in the stand directly onto your specified coordinates from the end of step two (7, 28) on the Y coordinate 112 (that’s where the nether portal is!).

[Image: htDdjwS.png]
  • Build your portal on the coordinates and go through it both ways to make sure it works.
  • Decorate your tunnel, remaining mindful that other players may need to make tunnels nearby. The spawn portal is only a few blocks away from mine, for instance, so I can’t make my tunnel huge. Feel free to make your tunnel larger, but limit yourself!
    • [Image: SVnqTHn.png] 
    • Tunnels may overlap, but there are things you can do! Ask if you can make alterations to other tunnels to fit yours in, go over or under existing tunnels, the list goes on and on.

  • Once you’re done designing, go back to the main tunnel you dug into and add a sign showing the tunnel is yours:
  • [Image: H1LLsaP.png]
  • Keep in mind what side of the tunnel you dug into, and go back to the hub area. Head back to the nether hub and place another sign onto the stained hardened clay on whichever side you dug into. Since I dug into the left side of the tunnel, I placed the second sign onto the left section of stained hardened clay:
  • [Image: 85tb1fN.png]

[Image: Wm8IUoy.png]

[Image: PAmj6sW.png]
  • If anything goes wrong, we’re here to help! I should be able to troubleshoot most problems, but other members of the community will likely be able to fix issues as well. Don’t fret if something goes wrong, the nether hub system can be tricky but it helps out a lot in the long run! If you give up, color portals are another viable option for travel.
[Image: ZUJHKJG.png]

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