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How to post a Suggestion

Help make Cassiopeia the best server it can be! We are always open to suggestions and tips on how we can improve our community, so please, utilize this subforum to your heart's content. Regardless of if  it's new sections to add to the forum, or fun new plugins, we are open to any and all suggestions.

Please be sure to keep these things in mind when making your suggestions!
  • We are a PVE, survival server and all plugins we add must be in that same vein.
  • Our motto is that we are vanilla with 'sprinkles'- we aren't looking to completely change the way the game is played.
  • Cassiopeia is all about fun! Unless you're suggesting back end or administrative ways we can improve, make sure your suggestion is going to make things more awesome or entertaining.

Outside of that, keep your suggestions one to a post, keep your title relevant, and I hope you have as much fun thinking of ways to enhance our server.

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