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Server: Worlds Information

Here on Cassiopeia, we run several different worlds to help keep things organized and as functional as possible. This can be confusing at first glance, so here is the 411 on what each world is and what purpose it serves. Portals to all these worlds can be found in the Spawn building of the Main World.

The Main World
This is, as the name implies, the 'main' world for the server. When you first join the server, this is the world you spawn in and this is where you should build your homes and other permanent structures. To protect against grief, be sure to use GriefPrevention to protect your claims!

This world also has an End and Nether attached.

The Resource World
Need to gather a buuuuuunch of wood? Want to do some strip mining or dig out half a desert biome for it's sand? The Resource World is where you do that type of destructive resource collecting. This world is yours to destroy, harvest, and leave barren so go ham- just try to keep the area around spawn relatively safe.

The Resource World is reset regularly to keep the resources within it fresh. You are welcome to build temporary structures here but understand that it will be lost when the world is reset. We announce these resets ahead of time but just in case, don't keep or build anything in this world that you want to have forever!

This world also has a Nether attached.

The Creative World
Want to just let your creative building juices flow? Need to test some block combos for your build? Do it here, in the creative world! There are no plots and no claims in this world, but please respect the work of your fellow players and find your own space to build and experiment.

The Contest World
This creative world is set up in plots and is used for the build contests we like to hold here on Cassiopeia! You must claim a plot here in order to build (with /plot claim) and can only have 1 plot at a time, between both this world and the Minigames world. If you need a plot to participate in a contest, please let one of the staff members know and we will give you one!

The Minigames World
This world is all about fun- literally! This world is a plot world and you must claim a plot in order to build in it and you are welcome to build whatever type of minigame you would like. PVP arena? Done. Parkour challenge? Absolutely! A full guide can be found here.

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