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Build us Minigames!

We have an entire world dedicated to minigames and we'd love to have you all build it up! To access this world, just head to the spawn building in the Main World and go through the Minigames Portal. From there, you will enter our minigames world where you can put your creations!

Simply head into the Minigames world and claim a plot to begin. To claim the plot, stand in your desired plot and use the command /plot claim. You can claim multiple plots (up to 5) and merge plots into one to create bigger plots! To merge plots, you must claim both plots. Then stand in one of the plots and look towards the plot you want to merge with it and use the command /plot merge. This will remove the road between the plots and create one larger plot.

You can set a bunch of custom flags within your claim to customize the experience of your minigame- you can set user's gamemodes, the time and weather inside your plot and dozens of other features. The plots plugin, PlotsSquared, has great information built into the plugin so simply type /plot help to view more information on commands you can use. If your minigame requires a setting that you cannot access or you need help figuring out the plugin, do not hesitate to reach out to a staff member! We will be happy to help you make the coolest minigame you can.

Minigame Rules
  • Remember that all builds on the server are subject to our Redstone and Mob Farm rulesand minigames are no exception!
  • Your minigame must be in some way interactive, even if it's just a guided minecart tour. This is not a place to simply showcase pretty builds- you want the Creative world for that!
  • To advertise your minigames, feel free to use this subforum (the Contests and Minigames subforum). This could be especially useful if your game requires a bit of explanation or if it needs multiple people to play at once in order to function.

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