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New Plugins Discussions - October 2016

Hi everyone!

As everyone should be aware, we had to remove the plugin Gravestones from the server because of the unexpected errors it was causing. I've since been trying to look for a replacement and unfortunately, there is not an exactly similar plugin available that is up-to-date. That said, I have found a few interesting plugins that are similar/nearly the same and I want to get some feedback from you all about the issue.

The first plugin I am considering adding is called DeathFeathers. After you die, this plugin will add an item (a named feather by default) that you can use to help you find your death location. Left clicking will let you know how far away from that location you are (ie, "Your last death is 69 blocks away"). Right clicking will create a particle trail leading to your death location. Note that the teleport to your death spot function will not be used on the server (so please do not ask for it.)

The second plugin of this type that I am considering is CorpseReborn. Essentially, this plugin spawns a corpse of yourself after you die. You can open it's inventory and retrieve your look as you did with our previous Gravestone plugin. Unlike the other plugin, however, they are not protected per-user so anyone can loot your body.

Besides plugins to replace Gravestones (which we can all still keep our fingers crossed and hope that they patch), there were a handful of other small plugins I have had my eye on to add to Cassiopeia. 

To start with, we have ShowItem. This is a fun plugin that lets you show off the item in your hands to chat (like you can in many MMOs). You can show the item off in chat and then when someone hovers their mouse over the item name, they can see the information about the item (like what type of item it is, what enchants it has, ect.)

Next is DurabilityNotify. This one is purely a quality of life sort of plugin- it will let you know via chat messages alerts about your equipment durability. The screenshots on the Spigot page show it off best, but it basically alerts you in chat when your tools and armor are about to break. You can also manually check the status of your armor and tools via commands in chat.

Random Teleport is the next plugin in question. This would let you teleport to a random (safe) location in the world. I can see this being particularly useful in the Resource Worlds to find new areas to mine and resource gather in.

Finally and truly, just for fun, is Better Chairs. Simply put, this plugin allows you to take a seat and sit on stairs and slabs. Fun, right? Wink Not much else to this one.
Live long and prosper

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