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Introduce yourself!

    I'm KuraidoGurei otherwise known as Kurry, Gray, or Clyde. Am 13 years of age currently, which makes me the youngest of the community. I have an aptitude in art, Math, Science, Language Arts, and Reading.but I fall short in Music and Physical Activities. I currently live in Louisville, KY, EST Time. My philosophy is that everyone and everything are one in the same, and we must respect ourselves, others, and the environment around us to live a full life. If I see something wrong that is occuring, I WILL try to fix it. This makes me very selfless, which is my main flaw. I have many leadership roles in my school so I am always preoccupied with something.
                I Look Forward To Playing!
"They Fill With FIRE, Exhale DESIRE.
I know it's DIRE; My time today."

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