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Contests: When and how

One of our favorite things to do here on Cassiopeia is hold contests- they always bring the community together and they are really fun to participate in! As the server grows and establishes itself, we will begin holding contests regularly, but, for now, we will hold contests sporadically as our schedules dictate. When a schedule is determined it will be listed here- for now, check here often to see when we plan on holding contests in the future!

Contest Schedule

Q: What sort of contests do you hold on Cassiopeia?
A: As of right now, we hold primarily build contests- but we are always open for suggestions!

Q: How will I know a contest is going to take place?
A: We will announce the contest dates in this thread, in a thread announcement and in game.

Q: Are there prizes for participating? What about winning?
A: Yes, there are! You will earn tokens for participating and placing in our contests, which can be spent on in-game items. The prize store will be coming soon ™.

Q: Where do contests take place?
A: In the Contest World, of course! Wink This can be accessed from the spawn building.

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