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Server: Rules and Guidelines

These rules apply to all areas of our community- including, but not limited to, the Minecraft server, the Discord server, and the forums. Cassiopeia is a positive, casual community, but failure to follow these rules will result in punishment, as seen fit by the Cassiopeia staff.

  • Homophobic, racist, sexist, and otherwise bigoted or inappropriate messages, slurs and other content will not be tolerated.
  • Please refrain from excessive swearing and spamming of emotes, images, repeated messages, etc.
  • Do not intentionally bait other users into arguments, or otherwise instigate arguments or fights.
  • You are responsible for all actions performed on your account, even if your 'younger brother' gets a hold of it and acts a fool.
  • Bans and punishments are universal across all platforms- if you are banned on the Minecraft server, you will be banned on the forums and on the Discord server.
  • Have fun! This community is for everyone and anyone at all. Be kind to one another!
These rules are subject to change at any time- please keep an eye on this thread so you stay up to date! If you have any questions, please contact our staff members.

These rules apply specifically to the Minecraft server, so before you log on, please keep these in mind!
  • No griefing, raiding, or stealing is allowed! If you are pranking someone, be sure the other party is aware and it is within their comfort zone.
  • Do not advertise other servers, no matter what type of server they may be.
  • Hacking, cheating and exploiting glitches it not allowed. This includes - but is not limited to; using bots or hacked clients to give unfair advantages. For allowed mods, see this FAQ.
  • Be sure to follow our guidelines for redstone machines and mob farms.
  • Extensive, damaging mining/harvesting must be done in the Resource World- click here for an expanded FAQ. You are free to mine in the Main World, but please keep strip mines as close to your base and claims as possible.
  • Please use the /nick command thoughtfully- do not impersonate other users with it and keep your nicknames appropriate.

Some things just need a special set of guidelines- and the forums (yep, these right here!) are one of them! These rules apply whenever you post on our forum and, as always, so do the general community rules. 
  • Please try not to double post! If you have new information to add to your original post, please make use of the Edit function and add all relevant info that way!
  • Try to make sure you are posting in the proper forum! Support questions go in the Support forum, screenshots in the Media forum, and so on and so forth!
  • Be polite and civil on all subforums! If you disagree with someone's post, it's okay to talk about it, but please keep it civilized.
  • Any discrimination or derogatory remarks will be dealt with, and may result in a permanent ban.
  • Please feel free to share any suggestions you may have for any activities or server additions!

Discord Rules
These rules apply to our Discord and the voice channels therein.
  • Please be sure to use the correct text channel when you go to chat!
  • When on voice chat, please be mindful of the other people in the channel. Try not to hog the airwaves and let other people join the conversations!
  • The Party voice channels are designed for groups of players to use when doing things together that might derail the main voice channel. This includes going on exploration adventures, building together, playing mini-games or even just for holding semi-private conversations.
  • These Party voice channels are free for anyone to join, but please be respectful. If there is already a group in one of the Party channels and they would like to keep the room to their group, please choose a different Party channel for your own group.
  • If all the Party channels are full, you can contact any Staff Member (just mention @staff on Discord) and we can add extra channels for you!
  • YOUTUBERS/STREAMERS: Please make sure that everyone in the voice channel understands that their voices are going to be broadcasted/recorded and give them the opportunity to leave or mute themselves if they do not wish to participate.

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