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How To Use This Subforum

Projects and Builds is the perfect place to show off or get some help and feedback with your latest build. Simply start a new thread- making sure to set your prefix appropriately -and you're ready to show your build off to the community!

About Thread Prefixes
These prefixes are optional, but help organize and sort this subforum! You can set the prefix on your thread when you first create it, by selecting the most appropriate prefix from the drop down box beside the Thread Subject.

  • Feedback threads are for when you want critique or advice about your build or project. Adding a poll is a great way to take anonymous feedback, as well!
  • Help Wanted threads are a great way to get some assistance with your build. Maybe you need an extra set of hands to help you construct, want some people to move into your village, or maybe you simply ran out of cobblestone- whatever your need may be, a Help Wanted thread is the way to get it noticed!
  • Show and Tell threads are all about showing off your newest build or project. You can create a new thread for each build you make, keeping the threads updated regularly like a journal, or make one mega-thread for all your projects- the choice is yours! If you want people to come and see your build in-game, be sure to include directions and coordinates for visiting!
As a gentle reminder, unless the thread is a Feedback thread or they specifically request them in their original post, please refrain from posting unsolicited critiques. If you feel someone is breaking this or any of the community or forum rules, do not hesitate to report them. Thank you!

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